iOS7: Apple’s key focus remains to be design

It is no secret that Apple is relying heavily on iOS7’s success for the foreseeable future. As expected, Apple received pretty strong reactions from the loyalists and the critics, alike. However, the reviews varied, with some absolutely loving Apple’s new OS while the others showing disappointment over its major change in interface. So what is the iOS7 all about?

Apple did go all the way in the direction of revamping the iOS, especially in design. The major change in the look and feel of the iOS surpassed the interest in some of the new and exciting features Apple introduced. The skeuomorphic interface elements, which defined Apple’s style for the past few years are now out. Replacing those is a minimalistic and flat graphic interface. Some of the applications look nothing like their previous versions and many have improved quite a bit, with the new simple look achieving what Apple aimed for. The applications work in layers now and multitasking is way easier. The transparency effects are tremendous and Apple is using these effects everywhere in the OS, much to our delight. Even if the icons are a little disappointing and unattractive, the rest of the revamped design is in fact pleasing to the eyes and it is bound to grow on even the people who currently dislike it.

And keep in mind that we are talking about a company known for its design and innovation. Jonathan Ive went ahead with a pretty simple design and the reason it’s still so appealing is the ingenuity and the ease of use.

The Control Centre
The Control Centre also saw major changes, giving us immediate access to important utilities. You only need to swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen to view some of the quick-access utilities.
The Safari browser has itself been completely changed, for good and critics and fanboys alike are all impressed by the new browser. The maximum number of tabs has finally been increased from eight and Apple has come with vertical scrolling of tabs, like that of Android’s Chrome.

Apple’s answer to Android’s NFC in the form of Airdrop in iOS7 is also a neat addition. It can be used for file exchange that will be available on all of the latest Apple devices.

The Camera app and iTunes Radio
The Camera app, along with the Photos app has also been massively changed in design and Apple sure did come up with a few nifty tricks and features.
Introduction of the iTunes Radio to the Apple entertainment package is being welcomed wholeheartedly, even though there are currently better alternatives available in the market.
Taking an idea or two from Microsoft when it comes to multitasking aesthetics has actually helped Apple, as it now shows a preview screenshot of the open apps.

The App Ecosystem
With all these changes in aesthetics and working of the iOS, the incredible app ecosystem of Apple will adapt as the many of the apps will also change their own aesthetics to match the iOS’s look and feel.

Keeping all positives and negatives in mind, we have to realize that the iOS7 is still in the initial beta phase and there is still a lot that will be changed before Apple releases the new operating system to the market this fall. Everyone is expecting a lot from it. Let’s wait and see if it delivers.

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Written by Sunasra Manzur

Sunasra Manzur is Co-Founder of Saffroze. He frequently writes technology and programming blogs .

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