TeamTelligent and Appmosphere Launch a Team Performance Enhancement App, TEAMOSITY™


TeamTelligent, LLC, together with Appmosphere, Inc – a design and development assistance from Minneapolis-based app development firm launched TEAMOSITY™, an iPad application designed to improve manager and team performance and effectiveness through the use of team and personality type findings.

Many organization have engaged Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) or other personality assessment solutions consultants to determine the strengths and weaknesses of employees within a team. Now, with the TEAMOSITY™ app, managers have the ability to study themselves and their own teams with a smart and intuitive mobile application.

Managers begin by determining their own type, and the types of the employees within their organization. Managers can use these type assessments to gain insight into their own preferences, work habits, strengths and weaknesses, and more, as well as those of the employees within their teams. People can be studied individually or compared with other team members to see how these types of people work together, and what can be done to improve their working relationship and performance.

Entire teams can be studied to find the team’s strengths and weaknesses, their dominant net personality type (how the whole team operates), and a wide range of other perceptive and discerning information. There are graphs that determine where the team’s strengths lie, what areas may be lacking, the order of actions individuals are likely to take, and even how well pairs of individual team members will work together.

It’s also simple to add a new member to the team based on whether that person adds creativity, will make the team work faster, decrease conflict, or a number of other determinations. A couple taps and you’ll know which employee is the best likely fit, all other things being equal. The app takes care of all the heavy lifting.

TEAMOSITY™ costs $24.99, and can be found on the app store here.

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