5 Things Nokia needs to Change to Beat Samsung Mobiles

5 years ago if you asked anyone who the market leader in mobiles was, then every person would have had given you the same answer, Nokia. But when the smartphones emerged, Nokia totally missed the smartphone bus and they lost a ton of business. And guess who was there to cash on the opportunity? Yes, Samsung was there.

Samsung brought innovative designs bundled up with the Android OS which is free and an open source OS. They made some minor tweaks, customised it a bit and voila! They had a winner on their hands. But they just did not stop there. They worked hard to develop both low end budget devices as well as high end devices like the Galaxy S3 and S4. Now for Nokia to cope up with all this, needs to chance a lot of things around them. So we are going to see 5 things that Nokia needs to change to beat Samsung mobiles.

1. Better Configuration: The highest end phone by Nokia comes with a 1.5GHz dual core processor and 1 GB or RAM whereas Samsung has now launched a 1.7 GHz Quad core processor and also an octet core processor and 2 GB RAM making the phones much faster and better. Apart from performance, these specs attract people to buy the phones because they know that handling and operating these phones is going to be as smooth as butter.

2. Bigger Screens: Nokia Lumia 925 which is the latest offering from Nokia has a 4.5” screen whereas Samsung high end mobiles have 5” and above screen sizes. Also the Samsung screens are Full HD screens whereas Nokia have only WXGA screens. So Nokia needs to work on even that. This is a big deterrent when people look for cell phones.


3. Windows OS: Nokia have shunned Android and have gone with its rival Microsoft Windows Phone OS. They have actually risked the entire smartphone business on Windows Phone and are hoping for something to happen. But with the Android dominated market everywhere, windows is going to find it a bit difficult to get a foot hold. So they need to either look for better options or work very hard with Microsoft to make Windows Phone OS as cool and productive as Android so that people start taking it seriously. Also even Samsung have launched their own Windows Phone range, so Nokia needs to be wary of that as they do not want Samsung and others to eat much into its share.

4. Aggressive Marketing: Nokia are doing well to market their Lumia series of smartphones, but they need aggressive marketing like Samsung. Wherever you go whenever you go, you will always see something that says Samsung. Samsung have penetrated deep into all spheres of the globe and they have started with budget smartphones and moved on to the biggies. Samsung smartphones with the same configuration as that of the flagship Lumia is available at a much cheaper price and even little better specs for the money. So people generally tend to opt for Samsung.

5. Budget Smart Phones: Samsung have introduced smartphones for a very cheap rate with some minor tweaks here and there to make it affordable. Their Galaxy Y and Young series of smartphones have allowed consumers to get an android in their hand for as low as 4-5k; whereas the cheapest Lumia is available for 8-9k. The Nokia mobile price list needs to come up with lower priced, yet powerful smartphones. That makes a huge difference when the consumer is bound to his budget and prefers to opt for a cheaper option.

Above we saw 5 things that Nokia needs to change to beat Samsung mobiles. It is easier said than done, but they need to start somewhere. The Windows Phone 8 and Asha series of phones are taking them somewhere, but there is more needed to be done than that.

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Written by Sunil Khale

The author is a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and has since been an avid technology blogger. Do check out his site, Promocoded to get the latest discount coupons for your online shopping.

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