Top 5 Start-ups To Watch In 2013


It is amazing how a bunch of people gather around certain ideas and within a particular period of time something new emerges – a new project, website or technology that changes lives of millions of people. The idea comes the first. It’s the idea that inspires people and they persuade investors to shell out some money for them to get started. If a startup becomes a success investors surely do not regret. Sometimes startups fail. Sometimes they change the world. Every year there appear dozens of worthy startups that are interesting to watch.

In this post we will look at top 5 startups to watch this year, i.e. in 2013. Hope you’ll like them and even become users and/or followers.


Initially known as Read It Later, Pocket has made a tremendous progress and company officials declared they are ready to start making money. The service is really simple. It offers an opportunity to store information on something you want to read but have no time for this right now. So, you will read it later. Virtually speaking, you put it in your pocket. It has gained a tremendous popularity over the last year. And it is very interesting to watch how Pocket starts earning money.


Treehouse is a service with a library of educational videos. For a monthly fee of $25 you will get access to commercial libraries that keep expanding. Fields of science cover everything, from web design to natural sciences. Today Treehouse is growing to be more than just a library of videos, offering job matching features, for example. Anyway, this is a great startup to watch this year.


Educational startups are very popular this year. Duolingo is one of them. This is a project both for students and for people who have some spare time to learn basics of foreign languages. The service is designed in a tricky way since as a matter of fact, users learning foreign languages do the translation job for real customers who pay. So, we are looking at a whole integral ecosystem. As said above, the service is used both by professional learners and just folks with some free time to master a few new words in a foreign language. So, let’s see where it will take Duolingo. It is a nice site overall. Good luck, guys!


This is a great service for conventional stores to have their goods presented online and either purchased or envy’ed by users from across the world. In fact, this is like an access to all boutiques in the country. There was a growing demand for such a service, and someone else would start it in 2013 if it was not for Storenvy.


The whole idea of Medium is to create a blogging platform where news stay longer without being pushed by newer news. With the demand to keep quality content longer, Medium has been making giant steps in this direction. Posts are organized by topics and likes, not chronologically.

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