Now you can charge your mobile phone with your shorts


Scientists have developed a pair of shorts which stores energy to charge wearer’s phone battery while they are on the move. The shorts use the energy generated by an average person when they are on the move to power up a battery for four hours.

Along with the shorts is a sleeping bag that charges your phone while you sleep.

The Power Shorts are made using a fabric which turns walking into electrical power. Gaps in the clothes are squashed together during normal movement and the energy created is then used to power mobiles. The mechanism used by the sleeping bag is similar to the shorts but instead of movement turns body heat into battery life for a mobile. After a person sleeps for eight hours, it stores up enough energy to power their mobile for the rest of the day.

“Our ambition was to create a practical but exciting solution to the charging-related issues experienced by many at outdoor events. We hope that people harness the power in their pocket to keep them chatting and texting throughout their entire festival season,” Christian Cull, Director of Communications at Vodafone, said.

Professor Stephen Beeby from the University of Southampton who is in charge of the research, said the technology could soon be rolled out more widely.

“We are looking to integrate these into consumer products,” he said.

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