Compete against the big guys – sounds all well and good, but how?


So you are running a small company? Congratulations! Running a small business can be a rewarding, but I think I don’t have to mention how challenging it can be. If your business is more than a day, (or maybe a week), old you will know exactly what I mean. Sometimes it might seem as though there is competition coming at you from all fronts.  Whilst you might be able to see off competition from other small companies (after all your business idea is amazing and you are passionate and hardworking), these are unfortunately not the only or even the main source of competition. In fact the likelihood is that it’s the big guys that worry you, right? Admittedly competing against big companies is a challenge but the good news is that the battle is not automatically lost, you just have to be creative and willing to take up the fight.

 The name is not everything

Do you start trembling when you hear the name of a big competitor? You really shouldn’t! They might scare you, however, if you focus on your strengths and advantages you might well come to the realisation that you chances of competing successfully against them are not so bad after all. Small companies have their very unique strengths but it is up to you to use them efficiently.

Be personal

You’d do really well to focus on the personal touch as it is probably your greatest asset. You are a real person standing behind a real business, and this is an aspect that should not be overlooked as it may well constitute the key to success. If you market yourself in a personal yet professional way, people will trust you. Today’s trends move exactly in this direction. We don’t want to buy anonymous products made by cold hearted companies that don’t give us any information whatsoever as to where they come from. You should strive to leverage these new trends by marketing the person behind your business and developing a relationship with your customers who will, in turn trust you more than they would any other big company.


Appear online

I’m not talking about an SEO campaign worth a million pounds, although that said; if you have the financial means then go for it!  If, however, like most small businesses you don’t, then do not despair. The essentials for a decent marketing campaign do not have to be expensive at all. It comes down to 4 main things: a website or a blog, social media accounts, dedication and passion. Write a blog and inform your (potential) customers, don’t miss out on the marketing opportunities social media offers and do it all with real passion. Bear in mind that people can’t be fooled. Don’t see it as a hassle, enjoy being in touch with your customers online – because, after all it will pay off, in so many ways.

 Don’t spend money unnecessarily



It should go without saying but there are so many ways to waste money that you are not even aware of. First of all, make sure you don’t miss out on any funding that you might be entitled to, as a small business. Governments have finally understood the important impact small businesses have on the economy, nevertheless, you shouldn’t just focus on getting additional money. Check if there are ways to spend less…A great way to do just that is to jump on the eco-friendly band wagon. Most companies’ waste energy and that is also true of small businesses. Check out what option you have as a business to get the best rate Commercial Gas from British Gas. See what you can do as a business and thereby save money to invest elsewhere.

 Go local

This might be the biggest advantage you have as a small business, (aside from the personal touch). In today’s globally connected world it is all too easy to forget about your local market. However, your locality is somewhere that you can find customers naturally and easily. Get yourself known to the people of your area or town, they will be your first enthusiastic customers and will constitute a great starting point and a launchpad from which to start a following and grow further.


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