Sony unveils Playstation 4 ahead of E3 2013


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is banking on its next-generation PlayStation 4 to turn around the fortunes of the Sony Corp. group.

Sony officials unveiled the new version of its popular videogame console here on June 10, ahead of E3 2013, an electronic entertainment expo to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 11-13.

The Play Station 4, which will not require an always-on internet connection and support users who share games will be available later in the year at a price significantly cheaper than Microsoft’s xbox one.

The playstation 4 is said to have greater compatibility with smartphones and tablet computers. Game scenes can be transmitted at the push of a button to social networking services, such as Facebook, or video-streaming sites. Friends using smartphones will be able to participate as players in PlayStation 4 games either as an ally or foe.

The gaming market has been on a decline in recent years. A major reason given for that trend is the movement to smartphones by those users who enjoy simple games.

Sony officials are hoping that the company’s games division can become the new profit-earner to replace its slumping TV division. They expect the new games console to increase the 1.7 billion yen ($17.3 million) in operating profits generated by the games division in the last fiscal year to 20 billion yen in two years.

That is why the company is doing all it can to eliminate competition. The Japanese Gaming house took to Youtube to show Microsoft how users should be able to swap and share console games.

While Microsoft has been accused of making game sharing difficult, the same cannot be said for Sony.

Called the Official Playstation Used Game Instructional Video: Step-by-step how to lend games to your friends, it is a video that shows all the steps involved in trading. There is just one step involved in sharing a game, and that involves one person passing a game to the other.

And then the instructional video finishes, and we are left with the message that it is very easy to share games.

Sony and Microsoft both showed off their consoles and their games at the E3 keynote presentations late on Monday.

Sony’s PS4 console will go for $399 against Microsoft’s xbox one that will retail at of $499 beginning this November.

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