Choosing the Right Chatting Tool for a Website or Blog

Site owners looking for chatting tools to compliment their site with might have a difficult time choosing one because there’s so many of them all over the net. Though it is likely that one might choose a chat software based on its reputation and affordability, it’s also wise to choose one that boasts an incredible performance as well. With that in mind, there is one particular chatting tool that fits all categories – Chatwing chat widget. Now here’s the reason why.



Chatwing is a chatting tool that is constantly being improved by its developers so it can meet the requirements of its users. From just a span of one year, it has been regarded as one of the most sophisticated chatting tool the users have seen. Yet with its complexity, setting it up on a site is surprisingly easy. The user only needs to copy the chatroom’s html code supplied to him and embed it into his site.

For some chatting tools, chatters still need to make an account (or a temporary one) for them to join the chatroom. With Chatwing however, chatters are only required to sign in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo accounts. They can also join in using a Chatwing account which can only be acquired after registering – the account is also used when they want a Chatwing chat app for themselves. But if those options aren’t enough, they can still use the first option – making a temporary account and sign in as Guests.


Customization is also one of Chatwing’s main assets. The user is able to make very detailed changes on the chatroom’s appearance and he can even put his own personal touches to it to make it more unique. He can make it match the theme of his site and make it more noticeable to his viewers at the same time. He even has the option of making the chatroom more entertaining by embedding music in it.

Another great function Chatwing has is its security features. The users, being their chatroom’s administrator, have the ability to watch over and manage it. From there, they can ban people with ease and at the same time, erase their messages too. These functions are extremely useful against spammers and other offenders, especially since the chatroom is very accessible.

Adding a word filter will only heighten the chatrooms capability to guard itself from these abusive people as they can help block profanity. The user also has the capability to assign moderators that will help him manage the chatroom. They can also be given the right to ban others from using the chat software but depends solely on the user. With these functions, the chatters are ensured to have lively and meaningful conversations with each other without any disturbances.

Providing the best chatting experience to both its users and chatters – that is main purpose of Chatwing. But aside from that, it can also rake in more traffic too, by making the site more interactive. And by providing swift answers and solutions to the chatters asking for help, it’s even possible that the chatroom can even increase the reputation and credibility of the site. It’s because a site that can easily and quickly tend to its viewers needs is a site one would like to visit again.

The features listed here are just a part of what Chatwing is truly capable of. And with its constant advancements, more functions are added and the existing ones are being improved. And it’s not giving the site owners any reason not to use it either. That is because this chatting tool can be acquired by almost anyone, absolutely free.


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