Google Keyboard App Now Available


Google Keyboard is now available as a downloadable app for users running Android 4.0 and higher.

.A post Wednesday on Google+ touted the Google Play Store debut of the app, which offers “Gesture Typing” so that you can drag your finger from one letter to the next to spell words. By default, the keyboard uses names from your contact list for suggested words and corrections. It even tries to predict the next word as you type.

Google Keyboard offers some interesting competition for other swipe-to-write keyboards. Most notably, it’s free where most of its competitors are not. It also has next-word suggestions, auto-complete, voice recognition, and support for 26 languages, although the keyboard itself is English-only for now.

Previously, Google had only offered its own keyboard on phones running Android 4.2–the latest version of the software. It was possible to manually load the application onto an older Android phone, or to seek out an unauthorized version in Google Play, but neither of those solutions were ideal.

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