BlackBerry Messenger won’t reach iOS, Android on June 27


Despite expectations that BlackBerry’s popular messaging app the Black Berry Messenger (BBM) would launch on both Android and iOS platforms on June 27, it seems the app will not make it to Google or Apple Stores on that day.

This new development was announced on Thursday after T-Mobile U.K. tweeted that BBM would indeed be available for iOS and Android come June 27, even serving up an image of a BBM conversation running on a Samsung Android phone. The tweet was immediately taken down.

Shortly thereafter, BlackBerry gave a statement saying the June 27th date was inaccurate since the smartphone maker never gave any specific date for the release.

The explanation could be that T-Mobile got its facts wrong or that the date is indeed correct, but T-Mobile revealed the date without consent of the Smartphone manufacturer.

Either way, BBM is due to reach iOS and Android sometime in the not too distant future.

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