Rtone launches Photovoltaic app -WatchMyPV

WatchMyPV, an On-line Monitoring Tool to Check the Proper Operation of your Residential Photovoltaic Installation

With the high energy prices, more and more consumers are turning to alternative energy sources to reduce their energy bills. One such source is photovoltaic panels installed mostly on rooftops that convert suns energy into electricity. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult to accurately monitor performance of panels installed.

But thanks to Rtone, a design consultancy set up in June 2007, specializing in energy monitoring, consumers can now help monitor the performance of photovoltaic panels installed in their homes, all for an annual subscription of £29.

Today, Rtone launched WatchMyPV, the first tool enabling solar energy producers to keep an eye on the performance of their panels, without requiring any equipment to be installed.

Using the information that the consumer communicates, WatchMyPV evaluates on line the performance of installed panels and sends out warning to the producer of the panels if any abnormal operation is detected.

The application is intended for people who have invested in photovoltaic to earn additional incomes.

All the consumer needs to do is submit the specific characteristics of his installation (location, its orientation, the slope of his roof etc) to WatchMyPV website. Then every so often e.g. monthly, the consumer will be required to inputs on line the reading from his electric meter. Thanks to the carefully calculated satellite sunshine data, WatchMyPV compares the data, analyses and checks the performance of the installation.

The producer can thus detect production losses and act accordingly, wherever he is, thanks to the internet.

To learn more on how to subscribe for the service, visit Rtone’s website.

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