New app measures booze content


Australian winemakers have launched a free app that allows users to measure just how much they are drinking.

The Wine Line tool, said to be a world first, works by the user pointing an iPhone camera at a glass of wine and tracing an outline of the liquid.

The software then calculates how many standard drinks (10 grams of alcohol in Australia) are in the glass – allowing users to keep track of how much they’ve consumed over a single session.

“Research has shown that there is a chronic lack of understanding in the general public on this topic, with 86 per cent of Australians unsure of what constitutes a standard drink,” winemakers Jacob’s Creek said.

The company’s premium wine brands CEO Jean-Christophe Coutures said he hoped the app would help promote responsible drinking.

The app works on 70 popular wines available in Australia and is said to use augmented reality technology to help gauge alcohol content.

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