Pinterest Lets Users Search Their Own Pins


On Tuesday, Pinterest announced a new search feature that will allow users to search their own pins.

The “Just my pins” feature that makes it easier for users to rediscover the stuff that they’ve already pinned, will be rolled out on the website, with the mobile feature following soon thereafter.

When you type a word into the search bar you can filter results by clicking “Just my pins.” The results will display everything you’ve pinned with that particular keyword in the description.


We’ll show you everything you’ve pinned with that keyword in the pin description. Be sure to add words in your descriptions that will help you find that pin again. To make finding pins in the future easier, Pinterest suggests that users add relevant words in the descriptions of their pins.

Pinterest which was recently valued at $2.5 billion despite not making a single cent to date, has been tweaking the service consistently over the past couple of months to make user experience better.

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