AppMesh Transforms the iPad into First Ever Personal Call Center, Making the Mobile Office a Reality


AppMesh, a leading next generation business platform for mobile devices, today unveiled a new feature, CallCapture that transforms iPads into personal call centers, enabling mobile salespeople to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before from any location.

CallCapture capability makes staying in touch with contacts effortless by instantly linking users’ iPads and iPhones with Bluetooth for seamless interoperability.

AppMesh users scrolling through their contact database on their iPad tap once, and their iPhone will place the call; any call on their iPhone is also tracked by their iPad, cross-referenced to the contact database and automatically opens the call record page for simultaneous note-taking. Manually dialing phone numbers, working off a call sheet and scribbling notes on an ad hoc basis while juggling a phone are now all relics of the past.

“Until now, salespeople have had to juggle an unwieldy combination of printouts, notepads, laptops and desk phones to address the shortcomings of mobile offerings,” said Leo Tenenblat, CEO and co-founder of AppMesh, Inc. “With CallCapture, we are bridging the functionality of iPads and iPhones to leverage the unique capabilities of each and make the act of placing and tracking calls and related information, nearly effortless. This delivers the mobile CRM workforce a new level of functionality that empowers salespeople and embraces the mobile era with powerful tools that make today’s ‘homebase’ concept obsolete.”

The new “CallCapture” feature now found in AppMesh does not require Wi-Fi or a cellular data plan and enhances the application’s mobile-first design that uniquely addresses the needs of salespeople in the mobile era. After its initial launch in early April of 2013, the application is already being used by thousands of salespeople across the world who are taking advantage of its unmatched speed and responsiveness, post-cloud model for real-time information access regardless of connectivity, and contextual awareness through integration with phone, email and calendar apps.

The latest version of AppMesh, which includes CallCapture, is available for download from iTunes: The app is free of charge for individuals and teams of up to five.

See some of AppMesh’s capabilities below

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