xpandedMedia.com launches new JobSync XML aggregator engine

06.03.13_technewsrprt_img_stories_regina-timothy_jobsyncxpandedMedia.com has developed a cutting edge, stand alone job aggregator engine that pulls job content from third party RSS or XML feeds and consolidates them into a single clean XML or CSV file to be imported into your job board, regardless of which job board software you are using.

The xpandedmedia.com job aggregator tool works along the same logic as popular services such as indeed.com or simplyhired.com.

Users can configure the aggregator to import job content from multiple third party sites, corporate recruitment sites or any website that has a valid RSS or XML feed to be configured for import.

The JobSync tool comes with a powerful feed mapping application logic, that allows you to link and map content feed attributes to specific naming conventions, such as publishing date, company name, position title, job description etc, but also provides the ability to place content where crucial missing values are not present, such as location, application URL, and salary range, that are required for your existing job board platform.  The end result of intelligent mapping from available feed attributes combined with the placing of missing data variables results is a full, comprehensive feed of consolidated job content from multiple sources, with unique identifiers that can be imported directly into your job board platform to provide your end users with valuable content and to drive your SEO.

The JobSync import engine is priced around content volume. Pricing plans start from $70 a month that allow you to import, structure and export up to 3,000 jobs a month, to large scale plans that cater to content volumes in excess of 30,000+ jobs a month.

To find out more, visit their site

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