New iPhone app RingMeMaybe that generates temporary numbers launched


RingMeMaybe, a new iPhone App that generates temporary phone numbers, was launched by telephony start-up yourVirtualSIM Inc today. With the new app, users can instantly generate provisional phone numbers for use on online dating platforms, Craigslist and a wide range of other uses.

With phone calls considered the most personal form of contact beyond face-to-face meetings, handing out your personal phone number to strangers or posting it online causes an inconvenience at best or awkward social situations at worst. The RingMeMaybe App provides a simple solution: just tap a button inside the app and generate a temporary number for your personal need.

The many uses are evident in an increasingly connected services society: from eBay users selling their sofas to Craigslist users renting their apartments – sometimes you need to “go offline”, but want to retain the privacy of your phone number.

RingMeMaybe co-founder Alex Botteri said, “It really doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a form on the internet or a real-life encounter, we’ve all been in the situation where we would rather avoid providing our real phone number. This provides an elegant solution. You are still contactable, but your main phone number is protected.”

RingMeMaybe allows the user to have several temporary phone numbers at once for different purposes. To keep track of different numbers, users are advised to tag them. Tags can make reference to the name of a person you just met, an online ad, or any other context. For missed calls, the app provides a visual voicemail feature.

RingMeMaybe is available in the US App store for $7.99, which includes 50 credits – the equivalent of five new phone numbers. Each additional number can be purchased for 10 credits at $0.99. Alternatively, users can earn free credits via an advertisement offer wall integrated within the app. All calls are free of charge for the user of the app as going through VOIP to the iPhone.

To download the app, visit the website

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