LikeHack Filters Clutter from Your Social Media


Likehack, a free web tool that launched its beta version in April, expanded its capabilities.  The new functionality allows the service to filter the clutter from social media stream to give a digest of interesting stories of the day.

Users in search of best content in shorter time merely connect their social accounts and favorite blogs to LikeHack. LikeHack will then take the complete history of shared links and builds filters utilizing similar people who like the same links from the same sites as personal content curators.

The result will be a personalized daily digest of the best stories from user’s favorite blogs, Facebook and Twitter delivered via web app, e-mail or Chrome extension.

For now LikeHack supports Facebook, Twitter, Gmail (to collect links shared via e-mail), RSS, as well as importing Google Reader history, while future versions will include LinkedIn and Google+ integration.

Jane Smorodnikova, founder and CEO of LikeHack, received great feedback from business people after participating in MIT eTeams Acceleration Program this month.

“Everybody knows that there is just too much information out there, but people can’t (won’t) stop reading their social media because they have to stay in touch with the industry and people they follow and I am no different. I was constantly checking my Twitter updates and wasting valuable time on useful information and that was the inspiration for LikeHack—I needed to stay in touch and still be productive. During my recent trip to Boston many people, from designers to investors, said they needed it, too, and now I see them among our users.”

LikeHack’s access to information from four million active social users proves without question that yes, we all really do get too much information and are not able any more to check it all.

for more details on the new service, check out their Website.

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