Removing Emailing Bottlenecks Through CRM System

Choosing the right CRM system for midsized or big businesses doesn’t come without its own difficult questions to be answered. Furthermore, a lot of research and expert advice is necessary before choosing to integrate a CRM in your current system. It has been reported and surveyed hundreds of times that most of the CRM projects today and in the past have failed due to bad planning and because the business owners who chose to use CRM for their businesses didn’t have a sound plan about their data. If you are thinking of using CRM as a data storing application and not as a business strategy, you’re mistaken badly.

One of the most important aspects of modern CRMs is their capability of handling almost any data and managing it so well that without CRM it would take thousands of employees in a department to reach that level of efficiency and effectiveness. When you have a CRM system implemented in your company, it is time for you to look at all its features one by one. One of the many important and crucial features of a CRM is its email integration. You must know how easy your CRM makes the emailing process for you.

You must first implement a CRM system that allows you to integrate your emails from the most popular and commonly used emailing services. If your CRM doesn’t allow you to import and integrate your hotmail or Google emails, you might have made the wrong choice in choosing this CRM as your business strategy. Furthermore, your CRM must allow you to send and receive emails in the most efficient and orderly way possible. Not only should you be able to see the emails in a comprehensive way in one look but the email should be visible to all concerned departments and contain other important details.

Your CRM system should be able to handle emails from all the different departments in an efficient manner and make the jobs easier for sales, marketing and management. Management needs to look at marketing, sales and internal emails. Marketing is concerned with the clients so all the interactions with the clients and their status should be visible to the marketing department. At the same time, the emails displaying on sales department’s dashboard should be giving a clear view of the status and position of a customer on the sales funnel. Customer’s social interactions and conversations should also be attached with emails.

Furthermore, if your CRM system doesn’t allow you to send emails as a bulk then you are actually going to waste a lot of time in sending the emails to the customers one by one. Your CRM should allow you to send various emails with the same content to be sent to various customers. Furthermore, there should be email templates that allow you to send particular emails to many customers at the same time. For example, if you are confirming the service appointment of 10 customers in a day, you should be able to send them all 10 emails in just one click.

[author ]Jake Williams works for one of the leading providers of CRM system (the Spanish term is sistema) solutions in Europe.[/author]

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