Common Misconceptions About Mobile Advertising


When it comes to mobile advertising, there are some natural disinclinations that app developers might have. It’s a monetization method that has plenty of pros and plenty of perceived cons. While it’s certainly not right for every situation, it still manages to be one of the most successful modes of monetization for many Android developers. There are some common misconceptions about the method that occasionally keep developers from opting for mobile advertising. In general, these fears are unfounded and mobile advertising has a distinct place in many mobile apps. The following three complaints are often what you hear from those who do not want to engage in mobile advertising:

  • Mobile advertising is a fad
  • Customers ignore ads
  • Mobile monetization is too difficult

Mobile Advertising Is NOT A Passing Fad:

Some people think that mobile advertising is just a passing fad or that advertising on mobile devices will eventually die down. The truth of the matter, however, is that business is booming on the mobile advertising front. In 2010, advertisers spent upwards of $800 million on ad space which is an almost inconceivable amount in its own right. If current projections stick, then you can expect to see $13.5 billion funneled into mobile advertising by the year 2015. These ads have to be working on some level, otherwise the amount of money (and the astounding rise in ad expenditures) wouldn’t be there.

Customers Do NOT Ignore Ads:

Another reason that many developers forgo advertising in their mobile apps is because they are under the impression that customers ignore ads. While this is true in some respects, data shows that people are more likely to click on a mobile banner ad than they are a desktop banner ad. Indeed, mobile banner ads had about a 19% click-through rate which is considerably better than the desktop equivalent which had a click-through rate of less than 1%.

There are a few theories as to why this major difference occurs, but it’s relatively clear that mobile devices and anything that appears on them are much more intimate and personal than anything on a desktop. We carry around our smartphones everywhere and they become almost an extension of our brains. When we see an ad on our devices, we’re more likely to take it to heart because of the sense of immediacy. Banner ads also generally appear only one at a time in many apps. This, among many other reasons, is why mobile advertising can be ideal for mobile app monetization.

Monetizing An App Is NOT Too Difficult:

Still, some people might steer clear of mobile advertising because they think it’s too difficult. Of course, there are plenty of mobile ad networks, tools, and support that provide for relative ease in terms of ad creation and inclusion. There are even a number of different mobile ad options including location-based ads that target users by their specific location on a map. You can reach literally hundreds or even thousands of people using mobile advertising. For app developers, the monetization possibilities are virtually endless.

[author ]Greg Newell is a mobile marketing expert who regularly contributes to online marketing publications and writes articles on app building and mobile monetization.[/author]

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