New Smartphone Application Helps Protect Your Right to Privacy


Over the past few years, with the great strides made in technology, our lives have increasingly become reliant on technology.

It is right to say a better part of our time is spent online whether it s talking to our loved ones, chatting with friends or even making business connections.

As such, more and more people are getting concerned in regards to the digital information their digital information, whether it’s their cell phone conversations being listened to, personal computers being hacked, and many other intrusions on their privacy rights.

To help put minds at ease, a new smartphone application is now available. For just $3.00 per month, the new Seecrypt Mobile app can be installed onto smartphones, creating a 100% protected network through encryption between two callers anywhere in the world.

Seecrypt is the first affordable, consumer-friendly, encryption service available for every smartphone user – easy to download, easy to use and most importantly easy to share with your family and friends.

Seecrypt, with U.S. headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, developed this unique per-call-encryption capability that assures Seecrypt users with privacy and protection of any confidential information discussed over a cell phone. This is a breakthrough at a time when cell phone users have realized that their phone conversations might be intercepted or hacked in real-time.

The service has a free-to-use trial of up to 12 months and then the service only costs $3.00 per month. From one simple download, tens of millions smartphone users of all ages and without any technical requirements, can have the assurance that their phone calls and text messages are not being intercepted by unknown third parties.

The Seecrypt Mobile app offers obvious advantages to high tech corporations, media organizations, doctors, law firms and other corporate organizations concerned about their mobile security.  Some U.S. Government estimates suggest that the U.S. economy could lose up to $1 trillion a year to all forms of communication intercept.  Up until now this was a real problem, with few affordable solutions. Seecrypt is a significant tool to combat such threats.

Seecrypt assures law enforcement, intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies that the new technology will not impede their investigatory, judicial or law enforcement efforts.

Seecrypt will pro-actively assist law enforcement agencies to prevent criminal activity being carried out using this encryption service.  Our technology is designed to restore privacy rights for legitimate usage,” stated Seecrypt CEO Mornay Walters. “Seecrypt’s Privacy Network has been designed so that it can terminate access rights immediately for any individual identified by law enforcement or other governmental authorities as suspected of improper use.”

Seecrypt advisor and former assistant director, U.S. Secret Service, Anthony Chapa added, “Seecrypt’s impressive technology provides a new level of protection to company executives and individual citizen’s privacy rights, while not compromising international and U.S. investigative efforts surrounding serious criminal activity. There are techniques that law enforcement and intelligence organizations have available, and with the help of Seecrypt would not impede their mission.”

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