Taptica Launches a Solution for Video Ads


Taptica, a mobile user acquisition platform, has launched a unique solution for video ads enabling its SDK to support multiple ad types including video, giving advertisers further opportunities to enhance their campaigns. Taptica offers solution for video ads alongside other ad types such as display ads, push notifications, floating ads, rich media ads, Facebook ads among others, enabling the platform to optimize campaigns further by serving the most affective ad type at any moment.

Recent reports have indicated that Video advertisements have proven rewarding for both advertisers and publishers. For example, on Tapica platform, publishers have been known to make upto   80% more money with video ads. These new revelations have hence motivated publishers to find ways to place video ads and full page ads in smarter and more user friendly ways inside their apps in essence giving them “Mobile Takeover” capabilities.

Advertisers utilizing video and full page ads reap many benefits as it’s proven that 90% of users that come from video ads complete a game tutorial compared to 50% of users from other ad types. In general, LTV of users that come from video and full page ads is 6-10X more than that of users that come from standard banner ads from the same demographic.

These numbers mean that publishers and advertisers are now keener on working with video and full page formats.

“We have noticed a tremendous shift in our platform recently whereby both advertisers and publishers are finding video and full page ads more lucrative” said Kobi Marenko, President of Taptica. “Enabling different ad creatives on our SDK allows us to create a seamless synergy between advertiser and publisher resulting in much more affective campaigns for both sides”.

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