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While Facebook places is more or less forgotten these days due to Foursquare, a new app called Forkly could possibly reshuffle the world of check-in based apps. Like Foursquare, it not only checks you in but also tells you where and what to eat. Based on a technology which includes both crowdsourcing and geo-localization, this application invented by Martin May and Brady Becker will not leave you hungry.

Once the application is downloaded and installed, you just have to enter what you like to eat and drink and where you would typically go to get these tasty dishes. Forkly also allows you to look at other users’ reviews.

Users are able to submit opinions along with a photo of their meal. Dishes and drinks will be classified by emotional responses: ” Loved it “, ” Liked it “, ” Ok ” and ” Not for me”.

Not unlike its older brother Foursquare, you win points of influence according to the number of users following your recommendations. In February, Forkly started awarding the title of “Tastemaker” to the most influential user at each location present on the app.

Don’t worry professionals of the food and beverage industry, you have not been forgotten! Not only can you can add photos of your dishes and integrate Forkly user reviews in your website, but also become a partner of Forkly and learn who your most influential consumers are.

Although Forkly follows in the steps of Foursquare, this mobile application focuses more on the choice of the dishes rather than the places.

Forkly is an exciting app and adds a fresh perspective to the App Store for foodies seeking more than not-to-eat places.

[author ] By Ludovic Hodrè of Fueled, New York City based Android application developers. [/author]


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