No Facebook Phone for the United Kingdom


UK network EE have confirmed that the HTC First, popularly known as the Facebook home  will not be sold in the UK.

The decision is likely to have been influenced by the phone’s poor sales in the United States and lukewarm customer feedback.

The HTC First handset was supposed to be in the shops this summer but the social network has no fresh date for its European unveiling.

Facebook home was launched by Facebook’s CEO Mark zuckerberg amidst fanfare in mid-April. In his speech, Zuckerberg had claimed it would “change the relationship” that people have with their mobiles, but so far Facebook home has not captured the imagination of its users as it was supposed to.

The Facebook Home app swaps a traditional homescreen menu for a feed of pictures and updates from the user’s Facebook account.

Facebook has so far promised to make Home better and users are watching closely for the new improvements the Facebook team will implement. Maybe once the improved Home makes its debut on the market, HTC First will make its way into Europe.

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