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Linkbaiting is an interesting topic in search engine optimization because it has a love/hate relationship with people who may or may not choose to use them. However, some search engine optimization companies will offer link baiting as part of their services.

If your search engine optimization offers this to your company, you take it, because linkbaiting campaigns are expensive, costing over a thousand dollars.

What Is Linkbaiting?

Most companies hire search engine optimization services, because they are not familiar with all the technical jargon, that comes along with Internet marketing. Linking up with other websites is a good way to bring new traffic to your businesses website.

But in order to link up with other websites, your website has to draw these other businesses in using content that makes them want to link with your business. Creating this content to draw in other websites to link up with is linkbaiting.

This Internet marketing practice is far from new, but it has grown in importance over the last decade thanks to the social bookmarking sites that have been created.

Linking with these bookmarking sites can send thousands of potential customers to your business everyday.

Successful Linkbaiting

Linkbaiting may seem like a simple concept, you just fill your website full of content that will look interesting to other websites and make them want to share your link. That is not exactly how it works; you want your content to draw in websites that have a common theme with your own business.

If your business sells shoes, connecting with a computer tech company may not bring heavy traffic into your website.

However, if your content draws in the attention of athletic wear sites or other fashion sites, you are more likely to find clients that are looking for your particular service.

Creating Relevant Content For Linkbaiting

It is simple to create content that can lead to linkbaiting, but the first trick is to keep it natural. If your content is too forced, it may deter other businesses from linking up with your companies website. You want to keep your content unique.

Unique content will not only spark the interest of your potential links, but it will keep them coming back to see what else you have to say.

If you want to spark the interest of customers and other businesses, you want your page to be interesting. This can be done by teaching visitors something new or causing them to exercise their brains.People enjoy learning new things everyday, so by using content that teaches the readers something, you will draw them in to your site multiple times to see what other information they could potentially learn.

Most of all, you want to be creative. If your page seems too stuffy, it is going to send people packing from your website. Your design and content should be colorful and rich and make people want to read what your website has to say.

These combinations of rich content and fun looks will help your business with backlinking drawing more attention to your business through other businesses.

[author ]Robert has been researching and participating in Internet marketing techniques for the past 10 years. His publications educate the public of the importance of obtaining SEO services and how SEO tools can improve your companies Internet marketing strategies.[/author]

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