Samsung Launches $800k App Challenge


Samsung has launched a $800k app contest for the Galaxy S4. Samsung announced the “Samsung Smart App Challenge 2013″ on Monday with an aim of discovering creative new applications that make use of Samsung Chord SDK.

It is the second time Samsung has hosted the global contest for android developers. A panel of judges will decide the winning entries, which will consist of 10 innovative applications which use group management functionality in interesting and experiential ways. Winners will receive a record total of $800,000 in prize money along with the opportunity to be evaluated by Samsung Venture Investment.

A breakdown of the prize money reveals that one first place winner will receive $200k, three second place winners will receive $100k each and six third place winners will receive $50k each.

The challenge is open to all mobile application developers across the globe and it will seek to find new applications utilizing group communication function.. Developers who wish to participate should sign up directly on the App Challenge website and register their apps on Samsung Apps from 20th June to 31st August.

The applicants have to use “Samsung Chord SDK” which helps developers create a group with multi-devices in real-time, automatically, requiring no manual processing of devices which join or leave the group.

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