Healthfundr Launches Investment Platform


The healthcare industry is undergoing enormous changes to the way it is regulated and the way capital is raised. That is why Healthfundr, a health-focused funding platform launched a curated web platform to help investors invest in compelling early- to growth-stage health companies.

Healthfundr works with investors both directly and through investment funds and financial advisors. For investors seeking self-service investing, the platform allows them to research and learn about companies directly. The platform also gives financial advisers the ability to provide their clients access to this additional asset class.

Healthfundr generally works with companies seeking $500,000 to $5 million in capital, specifically targeting companies that have already raised a round of capital and have obtained customers, regulatory approval, or have other traction indicators. “We’re extremely focused on companies solving specific, tangible problems that our investors can quickly relate to, particularly those that have significant traction and are close to, or have received, any needed regulatory clearance,” Healthfundr’s CEO and co-founder, Jared Iverson. a former securities attorney that has also managed and audited clinical trials for startup and major pharmaceutical companies.

Healthfundr, along with its investment and medical advisors, carefully screens companies before they are permitted to raise capital through its accredited investor network.

Once approved, investors can easily get to know the company by viewing its detailed profile, investment documents and interacting with the management team through the Q&A forum or by scheduling video, telephone, and in-person meetings. Because of Healthfundr’s highly selective approach, potential investors spend less time filtering and more time determining if an investment is right for them.

To learn more of the opportunities offered by Healthfundr, visit their website here.

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