Smartphones and Laptops: How to choose the best for you

These days, Smartphones and tablets are making more and more sense than laptops. When comparing a Smartphone with a Laptop, It’s not just about surfing the web, chatting and streaming online videos. You also have to consider the processing power of laptops to that of Smartphones.

But well, the fact is still there that Smartphones are chasing Laptops away from the Technology Market but there are various reasons why it’s happening like that. The main reason is due to the fact that Electronics & General Tech device producers makes a lot of money from selling Smartphones than selling any other electronic appliance.


Furthermore, before we can decide which is most suitable for us between a particular Smartphone and Laptop, we have to take note of the following –

  • Performance – The Latest Smartphones are now being designed to give users optimum performance by upgrading the RAM to 2GB from the usual 512MB that older smartphones usually have and most laptops nowadays also have the Random Access Memory of about 2GB – 4GB which makes the performance of both devices close to each other.
  • Battery Life – The Battery life of a Smartphone still last much longer than that of Laptops although depending on usage, maybe because they both have differing instruction sets, cache methods, memory management and bandwidth thereby  favoring Smartphones because of its smaller screen, being less powerful and it’s more efficient CPU.
  • Screen Size and Resolution – The screen size of a Laptop is bigger than that of Smartphones thereby making Laptops a must use for some particular tasks but the display and resolution of the latest Smartphones is far better than those on laptops. I’m sure no one will want to compare the Samsung S4 Super AMOLED capacitive 1080 x 1920 pixels display or The Nokia Lumia 920 with the HP 625 Notebook resolution.
  • Portability – Smartphones are far easier to carry around and technology has evolved enough to let them do more than calling, thereby getting more attention. With the likes of HDMI, wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, Secondary Camera etc. they are becoming perfect alternatives to laptops.

Although, it seems like smartphones and tablets are hurting laptop sales, but the real fact is that at this moment the two products are completing each other not competing with each other because even tablets are still unable to properly replace a laptop due to the fact that many users love their Smartphones but there are still lots of things they will preferably do on their Laptop even if their Smartphone or Tablet is with them. So, after taking the details highlighted above into consideration, it can help you decide personally which is best for you and which you want to buy.

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