New Business Accelerator Clever Clover set to Invests in Amsterdam Start-ups


Over the last few years, Amsterdam has been taunted as one of the hottest startup scenes within Europe. The sizzling hotspot of creative companies working on design and development of applications for Android and iPhone devices, has been made even more relevant by the overwhelming support received from industry stakeholders in form of free work space, startup funds and accelerator programs.

One such stakeholder is Clever Clover, a new business accelerator that has been working on a new concept where they invest their passion, expertise and money in each startup recruited in their program.

According to the company, Amsterdam was a clear choice for Clever Clover because of its’ dynamic and creative business environment and positive vibes. Clever Clover specifically chose

Clever Clover is owned and run two Dutch and one Austrian investors. The three co-founders intend to apply a hand on attitude by investing in shares of startups and helping businesses grow without charging interest.

Startups lucky enough to join the program will find access to funds amounting to upto 50,000 Euros, extensive experience in running startups, and a vast network of people to present their ideas.

After a pre-arranged time, Clever Clover will step out of the business and sell back the initial minority shares to their partners.

This is a unique approach that creates a win-win scenario for both passionate entrepreneurs and investors who want to enable growth and success in the Amsterdam business community.

To find out more about their program, visit their site here.

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