Samsung’s Recent Patent Shows Bendable And Twistable HDTV Display Design


Just imagine being able to adjust the viewing angle of your television from anywhere in your living room without having to stand up. The idea may seem far off at the moment, but it could just be the future of televisions. Thanks to Samsung’s recently published patent, every couch potato’s dream might just turn into reality.

Bend and twist in one click

In the said filing, which was done late last week, it was revealed that a flexible HDTV display is in Samsung’s future plans. The patent shows a television that can be bended to a better viewing angle using a remote controller, just like switching through channels.

The range of the television’s flexibility goes beyond the capability of a conventional HDTV on a stand. That is, future Samsung TV owners can bend or rotate a portion of the screen or the entire display depending on their viewing preference. The remote would connect with the television either through Bluetooth or infrared connection. When in use, the controller will draw out a menu that contains a number of options related to how the screen can be adjusted or altered, letting users customize the angle of the television at a precise angle or direction they wanted it to be.

According to Samsung’s patent summary, the flexibility of the television’s display design can be attributed to the panel deformation member that would be added on the display panel’s rear surface. This will enable the television to be bent and twisted according to the user’s preference.

The invention also includes a panel rotation system that supports and rotates the display panel.

The remote control included in the set will not only allow future owners of Samsung TV to sort through channels and alter the angle of the screen. It can also be used to adjust the images on the screen so that they would not appear distorted when the TV’s display panel is adjusted to a different angle or direction.

The earlier, the better

Samsung has been boasting its flexible OLED displays for quite some time now, and many are expecting that such technology’s use would be geared towards smartphones instead of televisions. As such, the patent filing for the flexible HDTV display design came as a surprise for many.

However, according to Patent Bolt, Samsung has already filed this particular patent a year earlier in Korea, suggesting that they are in fact working on this particular technology for some time. The problem, though, is that there is still no indication as to when this technology would be launched and when the flexible television will be available.

Whatever Samsung’s plans are, it appears that the Korean manufacturer is working as quickly as possible, especially now that its arch-enemy, Apple might just be prepping up for the release of its rumored iTV. There are speculations that Apple iTV could be released in time for this year’s holidays. The setback is due to price and not because of technology issues.

Samsung’s move to secure this patent earlier is a good one, as it can help give them a leg up on Apple. However, if this flexible television display is indeed in their future plans, they should ensure that it will deliver and give it a price good enough to sway people to their corner.

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