Tapbooty Launches Facebook Social Trivia Game ‘Name That Friend’


How well do you know your Facebook friends? Care to take a quiz to prove that? Well this week, Tapbooty, a startup that offers free social games for fun and rewards introduced a new way you can find out.

On Monday Tapbooty, introduced a new game, Name That Friend, a social trivia game built on top of Facebook that presents trivia questions to users based on their Facebook friends.

The Name That Friend game can be played for free (“just for fun” mode), or for rewards & prizes.

So far the game seems to be getting positive attention as it has been played over 50,000 times by more than 5,000 people since its launch on Monday.

“We are seeing a lot of users engaging with Name That Friend, and so far they are doing great. Our users are getting about 65% of the questions right these days,” said Jonah Lopin, Tapbooty  co-founder. “We find users are playing Name That Friend over and over again, trying to beat their own records. Our users consistently tell us they are having fun learning facts about their Facebook friends while playing, and they are often surprised at the facts they learn.”

“Name That Friend leverages Facebook friend information from 19 different categories, including languages, education, hometown, location, political leanings, work history, and favorite things (books, movies, etc.),” John Osborne, another Tapbooty co-founder commented “We gather a lot of information in real-time from Facebook before crafting each trivia question. We cull through a lot of data for each question in an attempt to create a question that will be engaging for the user, and also be challenging and fun.”

Currently, the game which is available on Tapbooty’s website can be accessed in the browser on iOS devices. The game will be available on Android in the coming days.

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