6 Very Useful Tools For Start-up Businesses


The very thought of owning a business is very exciting, but actually running a business is a different story altogether. Being the owner of a start-up business you need to look after many things – in a word your presence is required in every aspect of the company.  But you cannot be omnipresent! You can make use of a few tools that will help you build your business. Most start-up business owners use these tools for communicating with their customers, attracting new clients and boosting their productivity. Following is a brief overview of some very useful business tools:

Campfire: If your business needs frequent collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners, you can consider using this tool for real time chats. Campfire works like instant messaging but it’s especially designed for groups.  It is a web-based group-chat tool that allows you to use password protected chat rooms. You can also invite others to collaborate and chat. It also allows you to upload an image file which is displayed right in the chat room so that all chat members can see. You can also invite all the members of your chat room to a conference call.

Google Business Apps: An incredible tool that integrates your communication system to make it more effective and boost your productivity. It provides you more than one free email account and can filter spam within a few seconds. You can also easily sync it with your Outlook or gmail.com account.

iTeleCenter: Communication is the soul of any business and more so for a start-up business. You need to have ways to communicate with customers and prospects. A landline phone or a cell phone is fine but they do not provide the business benefits of a phone system. A start-up business may not be able to afford a business phone system. iTeleCenter has all the features of a traditional phone system along with some advanced business features like virtual fax, advanced call forwarding, etc. It’s a great tool for reaching out to your customers. You can advertise your iTeleCenter toll free or local number and keep your home and cell phone numbers private.

Facebook Groups: This is perhaps one of the best tools to use for a business. Most of your employees are already using Facebook and they know how to use it. It allows you real time collaboration, group chatting, using Facebook posts to announce a news and updates to the whole group. It also has basic document sharing and editing functionalities.

Google Drive: If you are using Google Business Apps, you will be automatically signed up for Google Drive. It works like Dropbox. It allows you to store, use and synchronize files from anywhere – even from your mobile devices.

FocalPoint: FocalPoint is an online prospecting and marketing system with a contact manager, replicated websites, lead capture pages and autoresponders. Automated webinars are an additional means to gather leads and spread important information about your business, services and products. These webinars run automatically at scheduled times without the need for a presenter.  You just record and upload a webinar and visitors can register to attend at any pre-scheduled time, while you are busy with other business work.

[author ]Alex Christopher is an Online Marketer. For years he has been monitoring and advising the implementation of online marketing strategies for small businesses and start-ups. He is responsible for the success of quite a few online marketing companies.[/author]

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