5 Effective Methods To Make Your Infographics Go Viral

Infographic is indeed the new trend in online marketing and advertising. A lot of individuals and brands are using this communication tool to spread information in the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive way possible.

The idea that infographics can go viral is wonderful. It is very tempting, especially for people who want to make their presence known online. But what most people don’t tell you is how they actually get the infographics to go viral. You can create the most eye-catching infographic, but if no one notices it, then you are merely wasting your time. This article will discuss what an infographic is and how to make infographics go viral.


Understanding Infographics

Infographics are poster-like images that are shared across various platforms on the World Wide Web. These communication tools are shared and posted in websites, blogging communities, and social networking media. It is generally a collection of information which is presented in visual form. In simple terms, it is like a PowerPoint presentation but it is much more appealing and shareable.

This communication device is growing in popularity because they are easy to follow and understand. Most of us do not want to waste our time reading through lengthy blog posts, especially those without images or graphs. Infographics can take the best pieces of information and visually present it with the use of graphs, images, and texts. Infographic designers can take the gist of an entire article and clearly explain it in a single infographic.

Making An Infographic Go Viral

Gather Necessary Data: Research is critical to any successful infographic. It is also crucial to verify the data you have gathered to ensure that you are sharing facts. You must be able to cite the source of information at the end of your infographics. Factual data are more appealing to the audience; thus, your infographic will have a higher chance of being shared online. In addition, you must be able to understand the main points of the data you have gathered. Avoid simply stuffing your infographics with figures and facts that are not correlated.

Compelling Story: The reason why you want to make your infographic to go viral is because you want to share information. With that in mind, it must be able to communicate data properly. To do so, it must have a compelling story. So before you start considering design ideas, you must first have an idea how to present your data through a story. The audience must be able to follow the story through the use of images, graphs, and texts.

Design: Once you have the necessary data and you have figured out how to present the story, you must then think about its design. The infographic design must be cool, one-of-a-kind, and eye-catching. If your design is unable to catch the attention of your audience, it wouldn’t matter whether your infographic contains helpful information. With that said, it is advisable to work with a professional infographic designer because he knows how to create attractive and compelling designs without compromising the quality of information. Remember that the infographic must be able to communicate the information clearly and it must include all the necessary data and details.

Submit A Social Media Release: Once the first three steps are done, you must then create a social media release. This can be thought of as a press release that is created for social media sharing. This is essential since social media can drive traffic to your infographic. Here are the basic elements of this release:

  • Lead headline: You must write a brief headline using the right keywords
  • Sub headline: You can use this element if your message won’t fit into the headline.
  • Overview: This serves as a summary that will entice your audience to taking a closer look at your infographics.
  • Body: This section is where you provide information about the story of your infographics.
  • Facts: In this section, you must share relevant statistics or findings from your infographics. Remember to share only bits and pieces- just enough to make your audience want to learn more.
  • About the company: This section should be short. You can include a link to your social media pages.

Submit To Directories: You must also remember to submit your infographic to directories that are dedicated to promoting this communication tool. These directories can really help in driving traffic to your content and improving your popularity.

[author ] Kris Lim, is a marketing assistant who also occasionally writes for DesignerInfographics. This company is a leading infographic design agency.[/author]

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