Top 3 Must Have IPhone Accessories
Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Image courtesy of Sean MacEntee

Simply put, what is the point of spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive phone, if you don’t get the bells and whistles to go with it? In the case of the iPhone, there are plenty of accessories available that will upgrade your iPhone experience tenfold. These accessories add a measure of convenience, safety, and efficiency that is unmatched by the phone accessories of other cell phone models on the market.

Protecting your investment

Without a doubt, the Otter Box is one of the most popular iPhone accessories you’ll want to buy. This little box gives iPhone users the ability to use their phone every day without worry about cracking the case and wiping out countless amounts of data. This box is fitted smoothly over the phone, to essentially become part of the package. The box is available in a variety of iPhone models, so you can easily find one to go with your model iPhone. The case is durable and able to hold up against your worst drops. Studies show that the most common form of phone damage is a cracked screen, which the Otter Box protects against. Don’t take that risk of having a screen that is unusable; make sure that you purchase an Otter Box as soon as you get an iPhone.

Taking your music on the go

At its very essence, the iPhone is the spawn of the most popular music machine known to man! With that said, wouldn’t it be great to take your favorite tunes with you in the car? With a car lightning adapter, you can do just this. Car audio adapters come in a variety of forms, with many connecting to your phone via Bluetooth capability. This way, you can keep catalogs and catalogs of music with you to play in your car, as if you’re listening to satellite radio. Whether you want to hear that latest album, or stream Pandora radio, these adapters make it possible. Never go on a long road trip without taking your audio capability with you!

Keeping that baby charged

No matter how high tech your phone is, it is completely useless if you can’t keep it charged. The latest smart phones suck up a lot of battery juice, due to the many processes that they run. You have podcasts, constant email streams, and Internet browsing, which can all take their toll on your battery. Thankfully, there are devices that allow you to charge your phone without even having to plug into the wall. These little devices plug into your iPhone and charge it through the use of portable technology. Going out with friends tonight and need to make sure that your phone stays charged? No problem! When your charger is constantly on the go, your phone stays in the game all night.

As you can see, you have a lot of options at your disposal when it comes to your iPhone. This phone is a serious investment, so you need to make sure that it works for you. Also, make sure to purchase an insurance plan with your cell phone provider, so that any serious damage or theft is paid for.

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