3 Tips For Being A Successful Leader

To become a successful leader requires years of cumulative training to hone leadership skills and experience. A leader is made not born. It does not matter if a person is an extrovert or introvert. There is no specific formula that makes a person a leader. What leadership entails is the ability to produce desired results.

Flexibility in Leadership Style

A successful leader does not utilize one leadership style alone. According to author Daniel Goleman, there are six kinds of leadership styles, these are: 1. Coercive, 2. Authoritative, 3. Affiliative, 4. Democratic, 5. Pacesetting and lastly, 6. Coaching. All these styles vary. A successful leader makes use of one of these styles depending on the circumstance. He is not, for instance, Democratic at all times and allows subordinates to speak their minds when being Coercive is what he sees fit for the occasion. It is not good to stick to one leadership style because there will always be times that being forceful and not lenient will get things done the right way.

Emotional Intelligence

A good leader is emotionally attuned to his surroundings particularly to his subordinates. He can sense if they are tired, lonely or depressed. He is not blind to their predicaments. Being human entails that a person can become emotional at times. This is an unavoidable fact. Being rational all the time is not possible. This is why a good leader feeds the emotional needs of his subordinates by boosting their ego, praising them for a job well done or encouraging them to do their best. He builds momentum around him.

He also invests in mutually beneficial relationships such as befriending other leaders that can help the company generate more sales. Or, people that can help him expand his own sphere of influence. Emotional intelligence can help a successful leader forge lifelong relationship that can contribute not only to his advancement but to the entire company and staffs as well. After all, it is not what a leader does but how he makes others feel that will linger in the people’s minds.

Adept Problem Solver

Problems are a part of the daily challenges of a leader. Every day there will be issues that he needs to iron out and solve. Therefore, being an excellent problem solver is a must for all successful leaders out there.

A successful leader faces problems on a daily basis, be it pertaining to jobs or the relationships at work. He might need to address problems of declining sales and market share. He might also be faced with deteriorating relationship woes in a particular department. In every issues he faces he needs to be resourceful and creative in coming up with solutions that will benefit all parties concerned. It is not enough, for instance, to side with a department manager when all his staffs are up in arms against him.

Finding a solution to every new, unique and pressing issue that suddenly arises is a particular challenge that a successful leader must learn to cope with. It will not be a stretch to say that every successful leader is a great problem solver.

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