Popular Affiliate Programs For Small And Medium Sized Blogs

Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular method for many people, such as bloggers and owners of websites, to earn an extra income.  There are lots of advantages involved to this set up, for both the affiliate and the merchant involved.  So, as this form of gaining an income gains momentum, here are some of the most popular affiliate programs currently on the market.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program enables a blogger or website owner to advertise a merchant’s products or services on their site, with the aim that followers to the blog or website click on the links and are then directed to the merchant’s website.  The affiliate doesn’t get involved with any aspect of the sale, such as processing orders, handling goods or the logistics, etc.  However, they do get paid a commission for every sale that they generate as a result of their promotion.  It sounds like a lucrative option for many people, and indeed it can be, but not all affiliate programs are the same.  Anyone getting involved with this type of work, therefore, would need to carefully rese05.10.13_technewsrprt_img_stories_crispin-jones_affiliate-marketingarch the different programs on offer.  Here are some of the most popular programs around at the moment for small and medium sized blogs.


Linkshare is one of the largest affiliate programs, with an estimated 10 million partnerships.  It has scored highly on aspects such as quality of support, platform strength and global reach.  Linkshare is popular because it has a pretty flexible approach; you can either manage your own program or have it managed for you.  With over 2,500 affiliate programs to choose from, it’s no wonder Linkshare has become one of the most popular programs in recent times.

Amazon Associates

Amazon has pretty much stormed the world as an arena for buying and selling a vast range of goods, so it’s not hard to see why Amazon Associates has become a popular affiliate program.  With over a million products to choose from, most affiliates will find something to enable them to make money from.  This pay-per-sale affiliate program has a first-class reporting system and one of the biggest affiliate programs on the market today.

Google Affiliate Network

With the Google brand being one of the most well-known globally, the Google Affiliate Network enables affiliates to take advantage from the knowledge and breadth of this vast empire.  You’ll need a Google AdSense account, however, to post ads and receive payments.  This program boasts of reliable tracking advertising activity for merchants and flexible commissions for affiliates.


Voted as the third best affiliate network in 2012, this Chicago-based network offers the affiliate over 2,500 programs.  For those affiliates looking for a reliable and trustworthy program, then ShareASale scores reassuringly well.  Its excellent reviews cover aspects such as good customer service, ease of payment, high-standard security and ethics, etc.

Commission Junction

Although this is the largest affiliate network in the USA, it does operate globally – and its large size makes it an attraction proposition for many interested in becoming an affiliate.  Commission Junction has gained an enviable reputation for achieving a good balance between managing relationships between affiliates, merchants and the network, giving it universal appeal.  As well as offering a pay-per-action program, affiliates can also encourage income growth by taking advantage of the PayPerCall program.

[author ]Written by Crispin Jones who works with Clicksure, if you’ve heard that Clicksure is a scam read more about the truth here. [/author]


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