Enhance your Marketing Analytics using Call Tracking


Though we can see a lot of customer interactions with our website using Google Analytics, phone call tracking analytics will provide you with far more information on the sales process than the famous Google tool.


If your marketing is geared around sales and conversions, good call tracking software can link your marketing channels to sales.  It can be used with PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, social media, and affiliate sites.  Offline phone numbers can be tracked to.

And by linking all of your marketing channels to sales, the following becomes visible for both click throughs and phone calls:

  • Which campaigns are selling which products and services
  • Which keywords are selling products and services
  • Cost per sale and accurate return on investment.  This can be drilled down to individual product lines.
  • As each visitor can be tracked individually through a site, you can assess what web pages are working and which are not.

In addition you can:

  • Identify your best selling products and services, and determine which medium is selling the most profitable.

PPC and SEO keywords

Discovering the keywords which lead to sales and more importantly the most profitable sales, may well change your focus for SEO and PPC campaigns entirely.  Especially if your marketing starts to generate phone calls to your business, (or your client’s business).

One guy we spoke to sold televisions online.  He knew 15% of his sales came from phone calls but did not know how they related to his online interactions.  After using call tracking software, he described what he discovered as a revelation.

As he had full visibility on the sales process he was able to identify that his most profitable products were sold over the phone.  Often, his customers would find his site via online search, and then call him to ask questions and make the purchase.

As he was able to identify the keywords they used to find his site, he reallocated his marketing budget towards these keywords (and variants of) and subsequently increased his profits.

The Value of the Phone

According to research conducted in 2010 and 2011 by BIA/Kelsey and Oracle, just under half of conversions happen over the phone.  In 2013 with smartphone and tablet device use on the rise, it is easier for your customers to call you and interact with you.  Subsequently, tracking how they find you in terms of marketing success is more important if you want your marketing to have an impact.

In short call tracking goes further than just showing demographics.  Call tracking analytics will empower you to market for profits.

[author ]Richard Teahon creates content for Calltracks.com.  They have pioneered call tracking solutions since 2004, focusing on the sales process.  Their software can link marketing channels to sales, and they operate in 64 countries.[/author]

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