The Success Story Of Mark Zuckerberg


Image by Robert Scoble

Image by Robert Scoble

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires in the world who at 28 years of age has a fortune made through software and Internet businesses. His is a story of pure talent being channelized in the right direction with excellent entrepreneurial skills. A trained software programmer, he grew up in a family of professionally qualified parents who gave him the right exposure to technology. Always a bright student, Mark was destined to make it big in life and his father put in the extra effort in exposing him to the basics of programming from an early age. He was tutored to hone his inherent skills in programming and his growing up years was fraught with technological advancements of different kinds.

Technology And Mark

Born and raised in New York, his father was a tech-savvy dentist. His clinic was computerized and so was his home and Mark took a keen interest in this field, always trying his hand at networking all the computers. He was a bright student in math and science and equally interested in arts and social sciences. But he always enjoyed programming and was famous among his friends for the different games that he programmed. This childhood interest was further boosted by his father spending time in introducing him to various aspects of programming. All through his growing up years Mark has been noted for writing different kinds of software programs that were useful for his peers in school and college.

Most of his ideas have come from his surroundings, he has written several different programs with his friends and the big break came with his designing the social networking platform, Facebook. He co-coordinated with other friends to form this software and eventually moved to the Silicon Valley in search of investments. He put his entrepreneurial skills in managing to get the right kind of investments and there was no looking back. This young billionaire began to rub shoulders with industry greats like Steve Jobs and Bills Gates apart from many other billionaires twice his age.

The Most Followed Person On Social Networks

Mark Zuckerberg is famous for his followers on social networks including rival ones like Google+ and has used his celebrity status to good use as well. Even though he has had to deal with legal battles with people who wanted a share of his fortune for being associated with him in his early years, he has risen above all of it to focus on furthering his business ideas. He is personally associated with several philanthropic activities and has pledged to give away half of his fortune to charity with other like-minded billionaires.

His prodigy to write software’s and innovate and develop on ideas is one of the main reasons for his sharp raise in the industry that otherwise sees a lot of competition. His conviction to do something for himself is one of the reasons for him to drop out of Harvard College in the sophomore year. In fact, his life story has formed the script of successful movie “The Social Network”. His success story is a source of inspiration for many youngsters who need to stick to their choices with conviction and grab the opportunity that presents itself and make the most of it.

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