How to SEO: Keeping Up With the Game in 2013

SEO has come a long way in the past five years and, if you’re working on a SME, one of the worst things you can do is get stuck in an archaic way of thinking when it comes to digital marketing. Today, search engine optimisation isn’t about keyword stuffing, link spamming and other “black hat” methods. It’s frustrating to see the huge number of SEO “professionals” who are stuck in their ways, trying to use out-of-touch methods to build a successful online presence.

It’s not about spamming directories, it’s not about scamming back links and it’s not about stuffing keywords anymore – so how should you be thinking about SEO in 2013?

SEO Methods That Are Relevant

Blogging, content marketing, podcasts, landing pages and optimising unique, high quality content is what works in 2013. It’s time-consuming, it’s not easy and there’s no cheap, quick solution. If you want to be be rated online then you need to offer something unique and valuable. Search engines are too smart for you to game – we truly are living in a digital age where content is king (and thank God for that!).

Build Relationships – Not Links!

Links are still valuable, they still matter and they’re still a key part of increasing your PageRank, but they aren’t everything.

What should you be building if not links then? I think it’s relationships. Finding, integrating and growing within an online community is far more important than spamming content and paying for links. If you can build at least one connection a week with somebody online, you’ll soon find yourself and your website is part of an expansive online community. Reach out to other bloggers, other website owners and other businesses. You need to be making new online contacts, sharing content and collaborating with others. Done successfully, you’ll build a number of valuable relationships that drive traffic and boost your site’s PageRank better than any other method ever could.

Make Good Content

Even if you hold the number one spot on Google for any and all of your select keywords, if the content sucks nobody is reading it! Somebody needs to enjoy your content, agree with your message, like your price and find value in whatever you are selling for a conversion to happen. You don’t just need to work hard at content for SEO’s sake, but for the sake of your business as well.

So start a Google Hangout, create videos, collaborate on blogs and write articles for others in your industry. Creating exciting, unique content is the best way to get your name out there and expand. Forget the old methods of SEO and start working toward a great PageRank through content creation and offering value to users.

[author ] Josh Armstrong (Josh Armstrong) is a web platform manager at Gift It Now.[/author]

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