Three Technologies To Secure Your Business


Security is a key concern for any retail business owner. Retail security is about more than just ensuring that your stock doesn’t get stolen as the safety and well-being of your staff and even your premises are also of paramount importance.

Technology offers retailers a great opportunity to boost their security levels, allowing you to guard your business in ways that would simply not have been possible fifteen or twenty years ago. By investing in a few key pieces of security technology, you can gain a crucial advantage over potential thieves or intruders and help to ensure that your store stays open for business.

Intruder Detection

The security alarm is one of the most basic elements in the retailer’s security arsenal and is a concept which has been around for decades. However, modern intruder detection systems can do far more than simply make a noise when someone attempts to break in, with many able to automatically alert emergency services as soon as a door or window is opened.

Intruder detection systems usually comprise several different elements, each communicating with a central control unit. A typical system might include magnetic panels affixed to windows and doors that can log all opening and closing activities, a motion detector system based on infra-red beams that watches individual rooms for movement and a robust sounder and strobe light in a secure location. These diverse elements help to track intruders from the second they enter your property and often act as a deterrent in their own right.

Security Cameras

CCTV systems are another area of security technology that has improved markedly in recent years. No longer producing a simple a camera hooked up to a VHS video recorder, manufacturers such as Hikvision have developed the security camera into a device capable of shooting high-definition footage from any angle and feeding it back over a computer network.

Installing devices like Hikvision cameras allows you to manage your security footage in new ways. For example, using networked cameras allows you to monitor footage from every camera you have with a single computer, even if those cameras are spread across different rooms or buildings. Some Hikvision cameras use a dome-shaped fitting, meaning that they can track intruders through 360 degrees with no blind spots and most are designed to provide clear footage in low lighting conditions.

Lone Worker Security

If your store regularly has shifts where only one person is working alone, you might want to consider custom-designed lone worker security measures. Lone workers are often at increased risk of violence or abuse. Therefore making an investment in a lone worker protection system can be very worthwhile.

Most lone worker protection systems involve a communication link back to a central monitoring service which can be activated if the worker feels threatened. Sometimes this link takes the form of a dedicated device, often in the form of an ID card worn around the neck, but Smartphone applications can be purchased that perform the same task. Once the system is activated it relays recorded audio back to a control centre, which can either contact emergency services directly or store the recording as evidence for a later date.

Don’t forget that you have a legal obligation to take extra security measures for lone workers, which may involve providing additional training as well as security investment.

[author ]Ian Appleton is a writer who understands the importance of investing in a high-quality security system if you own a business. By staying vigilant and using Hikvision cameras to monitor your premises, you can be confident that your business and its employees are safe.[/author]


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