The Effectiveness Of Facebook As A Promotional Marketing Tool

AMC’s Mad Men depicts the advertising world in the 1960s: billboards, magazine spots and the new trend in radio and television dominated the marketing landscape. How successful would Don Draper have been if he’d had a Facebook page? The answer is very, as it turns out. Flash forward to 2013, and the world of Internet marketing, specifically Facebook, has superseded traditional methods. Those wondering about the effectiveness of a marketing campaign on Facebook versus other Internet avenues should recognize the financial impact. In fact, each “Like” a business receives on a Facebook page equates to $174.17 in revenue. If you’re not promoting your business on Facebook, then you’re literally losing money.

Interaction is Key
The number one rule of social media whether you’re a person or a business is this: be interactive. Friends don’t want to keep up with someone who never updates his page. Likewise, customers will forget about you if you never update your business’s page. Facebook marketing only works if you stay fresh and relevant. According to StartupNation, staying active will help generate new business. This includes using interactive contests, in which people “Like” your page or product for a chance to win something. In the above-referenced study on how profitable “Likes” are, the following point stands out: “Brand managers should aim to interact with customers on Facebook to understand what they’re passionate about, solicit their input and enable a feeling of ownership, the study advises.”

Know the Room
The flip side to the interactive coin is to know when to back off. Just as people will forget about you if you’re silent, they’ll ignore you if you’re pushy. No one wants to see a post every hour from anyone, let alone a business. You need to walk the fine line between brand recognition and overexposure. Marketing is all about knowing the demographic and knowing your brand. The same holds true on Facebook. If you’re in the business of selling office products, then you’ll probably have a different tone from someone selling ice cream. Developing interactive contests to address your key demographic could mean the difference between success and failure.05.04.13_technewsrprt_img_fluid-branding_facebook-promotions
Research Makes Perfect
How do you design an interactive marketing campaign that both speaks to your demographic and draws in new clientele? Dozens of articles exist to discuss that very topic. Research plays an important role in marketing, and while creating a Facebook page is easy, developing it into a marketing tool takes effort and practice.

Marketing has changed since the golden age of ad executives. Businesses have become increasingly self-reliant thanks to the usability of social media, particularly Facebook. Knowing how to use this important tool for your business could make a huge difference in your overall exposure and profits. With the current generation’s increasing reliance on social media for everything from social interaction to news, maintaining a Facebook page that provides relevant information and marketing could put you ahead of the competition. It’s an audience that Don Draper could never have achieved with billboards.

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