5 Tools to boost your Social Productivity

05.06.13_technewsrprt_img_stories_peter-campbell_social-mediaSocial Media is the thing. It’s everywhere… businesses you buy from are Tweeting and posting to Facebook, your friends are prodding and poking you, you’re being invited to things left, right and centre… you can’t get away from it. Whether you’re a small-time user, or even the head of a social media marketing team, here are just five of the hundreds of great tools available to you to streamline and boost your social media productivity and effectiveness.

1      Hootsuite – it used to be all about TweetDeck, but since being purchased by Twitter in 2011, it has slightly gone down-hill, with unstable mobile versions and no LinkedIn support. Hootsuite, however, comes in as the champion of social media management on a larger scale, so is ideal for companies and agencies alike. Hootsuite is great for integrating many different profiles from many different social media accounts, boasting integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many, many more.

2      ManageFlitter – If you’re about strategic Twitter growth and enhanced search functionality, then ManageFlitter is for you. Whilst the free account doesn’t boast as much functionality as a premium account, there are still a wide range of features to make use of; enhanced Twitter search, being able to find accounts based on certain criteria, and follow/unfollow in bulk to name a few.

3      Google Analytics – Despite being a free tool offered by Google, the power of Google Analytics is uncontended, and can offer so much value if you use it right. Set up some goals to track visits from Referring Sites such as Twitter & Facebook. See which of your posts and tweets generated traffic to your site or blog, and see which ones kept users hooked or converting in your store. You can also go as far to set up daily reports to really monitor your Social Media usage. No matter which field or level of marketing you’re in, if you’re doing anything online, Google Analytics is absolutely key in measuring, monitoring and increasing success and effectiveness.

4      SocialMention – Yes, getting a return on your time spent on Social Media marketing is important, but not nearly as important as monitoring how your brand or product is perceived online. Using ‘SocialMention,’ you can monitor, in real-time, discussions surrounding your products, brands or competitors and set up alerts. Make sure you know what’s going on regarding you and your competitors in social media – it could make or break your company one day.

5      Storify – Whether you’re tracking a conference related to your industry, something is happening in the news that’s in your ball-park, or you’re just wanting to keep in the know on a certain subject, Storify is for you. Storify allows you to, in a nutshell, collect, manage and organize tweets, messages and posts about an event, conference, or topic, be it online or offline, and then turn them into a story. Consumers and readers love a strong, engaging story, so get managing and get engaging!

Social Media strategies vary from company to company, so explore these tools (and any others you find out there!) and merge them together to really drive your social media marketing forward.

[author image=”http://technewsrprt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/05.06.13_technewsrprt_img_author_peter-campbell.jpg” ]Pete Campbell works as a specialist website design consultant for Jask. Over 10 years ago, he built his first website as a teen, and now runs online marketing strategies for small businesses and global brands.[/author]

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