The Top Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 is very nearly here and everyone’s waiting with baited breath to get it out of the box and have a play. We know so much about it, such as Air View and Air Gesture, that it’s hard to remember we actually haven’t had a go yet, so just to make it a bit easier for you to explore all of its features; we’ve selected the best 5 apps which will be absolutely marvellous on the S4.


For a free app, this works beautifully and is packed full of features and fun things to do. PicsArt looks especially great on Galaxy S3’s 5 inch, 1080p HD screen. The crisp colours on the S3 are enviable, and what better way to take full advantage than to enjoy paints, pictures and images at your fingertips. The large screen also helps with creating some rather impressive art, or just using as many colours as is possible. The S4 is the perfect device for PicsArt’s inbuilt camera and features, sharing options and enhanced editor.

Workout Trainer

For those that enjoy keeping fit, Workout Trainer is a great free app which features loads of tips, advice and information on getting in shape. Most impressively, Workout Trainer has an extensive library of videos and tutorials which are not only perfect for the Galaxy S3’s huge screen; it’s also fantastic to enjoy high quality videos in the palm of your hands. Watch tutorials on how to master the perfect sit up or the latest fitness routine wherever you are, as well as being able to pause the video mid-workout. With the S3’s Multi-Window function you can use the app whilst also browsing for other fitness related facts or videos.

Modern Combat 4

A Smartphone as quick and powerful as this needs a super intense shooter game, and Modern Combat 4 will be perfect on the S4. Samsung’s vibrant, crisp colours, high resolution display and quad core processor won’t be wasted on the most popular first-person shooter on the market. The game boasts console quality when it comes to graphics and sound, so it should be enjoyed on the large screen of the S4. Multi-Window means you can still keep an eye on perhaps more important functions and Air Gesture means you can dismiss interruptive phone calls with a simple swipe of the hand.

Google Play

Google Play connects you to countless films, clips and TV programmes right at your fingertips. Of course, all of them will look perfect on the 1080p, 5 inch HD screen. Colours will be mind-blowing, detail will be precise, streaming will be smooth and the super fast quad core processor means that downloading will be instant. To be honest, there’s not much more you could want from mobile viewing. But for the Galaxy S3, the Multi-Window also means you can watch a film whilst also searching for what else the main character was in, and whilst watching Series 1, episode 12, you can find out when the next series will be made, if ever.

Pocket Informant HD

Smartphones were supposed to be useful, so when you’ve finished browsing, listening to music, watching films and taking photos, you might need to be a little more organised. Pocket Informant HD has long been the go-to app for keeping yourself up to date and organised. It can be used as both a calendar and a to-do list, as well as synching seamlessly with other calendars and organisation tools. The calendar will look marvellous in crisp HD, but more importantly, Multi-Window means it will become much more than just another widget. Have the email inviting you to the meeting and the calendar to schedule the meeting on the same screen whilst also having Facebook ready to pass on the message all at the same time.

[author ]Les, who looks after the Snugg’s Galaxy S4 case Amazon store sent us this post. Les is a big fan of smartphones and tablets and contributes to a number of blogs.[/author]

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