Proven Techniques To Market Your Business On Facebook

04.18.13_technewsrprt_img_stories_regina-timothy_facebook-apple-hireJust about any IM marketer realizes that having a Facebook page is an important first action item. Social media is not going away nor is it shrinking in importance so it does matter. Social media is young and you can rest assured that it will only become more important. You have to understand that many people feel isolated and social media sites like Facebook offer a solution. There are too many extremely influential forces driving the entire social media engine, and they cannot be suppressed. But no worries because it’s not too late to open up your marketing shop in Facebook by using these tips.

Create a Business Account

You will need a business account so you can use wall posts to communicate with your audience. So what you do is just talk to your audience because the people interested in your wall will be from your audience. The thing you want to do is be consistent and take five minutes out of your day to say something intelligent. Also, if people write something on your wall, and hopefully they will, then you can respond to that. You can talk about the nature of the products you’re promoting or new ones you’re evaluating.

Interact with the Audience

Respond to every single comment or message you get on Facebook within twenty four hours or one business day. You don’t have to be sitting at your computer 24 hours per day, but it’s reasonable to respond within a day or two. Answer promptly and honestly. This is essential for building strong relationships with your fans and friends.

People then won’t just think of you as another company trying to market itself. This, in turn, means that they will be more likely to buy from you. Remember that marketing on a social site isn’t the same as other types of marketing; you have to keep it social and personal.

You have to be outgoing and a little aggressive about making contacts on Facebook. It’s up to you to find new friends whenever you can.

You want people to ‘like’ your page, so you should ‘like’ ones that appeal to you as well. Be an active participant on people’s pages, groups and timelines. If you also have a personal account on Facebook, you can make use of this as well. Your personal friends can also become friends on your new page, and they can also click ‘ike’ on it. When someone likes a page, it is shown on their timeline which means lots of other people will see it. This can be an effective way to have word about your page spread virally! It’s amazing how quickly a fan base can grow on Facebook -take advantage of that.

The great thing about Facebook is you have multiple options to market to your audience. You can accomplish more than you may have thought, so learn it well and take action. In this article we’ve taught you a few foundation building tips for the Facebook system. So once you learn more you have to put this stuff into motion because you know the danger of doing nothing.

[author ]Mathew is an internet Marketer and currently working with Joe Russell on an upcoming product called sitebildz – A Multi platform marketing software which totally automates and streamlines all of the manual processes.[/author]

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