Google X Phone Rumors Round Up


It has been about two years past and Google has not used Motorola anywhere to promote its android operating system. People have started talking about why Google has purchased Motorola if they are not using it?

But it seems like Google will shortly shutter those people’s mouth as Motorola X Phone is on the way. This device will be manufactured by the Motorola and will run the next version of the android operating system.

Google may also bring out some very strict decisions with the android version that will be there in the Motorola X Phone in order to compete with all other smartphones.

There are lots of rumors going out related to upcoming Motorola Google X Phone and I’m including them here. I’m including the rumors which are looking very promising.

New Design

Last year Apple brought a revolutionary industrial standard design with its iPhone 5 that helped it to get the success. Lots of people buy iPhone 5 mainly due to its high class luxury design.

No other android device has got such level of design till now and as Google owns Android so it will be worrying about its success. These days’ people are really caring about the design of their smartphones so Google will definitely bring out a new revolutionary design with the upcoming X Phone.

New Android Version

It seems like next android version will come very soon. There are rumors that Google will bring out next version of the Jelly Bean or a completely new version that will be called the Key Lime Pie.

Whatever the next version will be, it will be there in the upcoming Motorola Google X Phone. No doubt the next version of the android will be the best one.

Better Apps

Motorola Google X Phone will be having lots of high quality apps like Google Now. Google will also bring out lots of unique apps that we’ve seen till now the high end Galaxy devices like Note 2, S3 and S4.

Google Now is a very revolutionary app and it will be updated before Google reloads it into the X Phone.

Better Display and Optics

Next update we will see will be in the display and optics of the device. People are getting really crazy about display revolutions, quality and the camera optics.

Till now there is not a single android device which is able to compete with the camera optics standards of the iPhone 5 and Lumia 920 so Google will definitely bring out some fresh features.

Competing Price

Last thing I want to conclude with is that Google will keep the price very competing in order to get the initial success. Nexus 7 got the popularity initially due to its very competing price and Google will follow the same method with the X Phone as well.

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