Simple Tips For Getting More From Your Smartphone

If you are currently shopping for a smartphone, then you’ve probably heard of the iPhone, android and Windows phones. All these phones have their plus and minus points, depending on your point of view. Below we will give you some tips and hints on how you can better use your smart phone.

General useage
Smart phones are meant to make our lives easier and far more efficient. If you are browsing the web, you do not have to close your browser to make a call. Simply minimise the app and tap the number of your choice.

Voice recognition has come a long way since its early desktop days. You should be able to make voice notes, as well as dial numbers from your smart phone. Any to-do lists or things you need to remember can be spoken into your phone. In fact, you should be able to perform most tasks you need to do via voice commands. This will save you valuable time and arguably spell words for you correctly, so you do not need to edit them later on.

Make the most use of your camera phone. Anything you wish to document, including text, images and anything around you, take a photo of it for future use.

Our smart phones are not only are communication device, but also our music players. If you use your smart phone to listen to music, try and invest in some high quality headphones and a nap or two where you can tweak the equalisation and volume levels.

Smart phones are also susceptible to extremes of temperature. As we carry our phones around with those nearly all the time, don’t be tempted to leave it in a car on a hot day or somewhere of extreme cold in the winter. Treat your smart phone like you would a highly expensive computer.

When it comes to applications on your smart phone, only by the apps that you will pure functionality or pure entertainment. Many people fall into the trap of buying too many apps, simply because they are quite cheap. It has been found that many people buy an app, try for a bit, then never use it again. Thoroughly research an app first before you buy, then only by it if you really feel it is necessary.

If you are having issues with your IPhone, preform a “hard reset”. Press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time until you see the power off slider appear on the screen. Use it to shut down your phone completely before restarting. This method can fix many minor issues.

Local and international calls.
If you are not tied to a contract, your many options available. There are many deals you can find which also include international calls for a very cheap rate. Many providers including international calls in with their Sim cards these days. Perform a search online and have a look at some review sites to see which other providers think are the best.
If you buy a Sim card with local and international calls included, you’ll probably find other benefits included in the package. Don’t be afraid to ask for other benefits if you are planning to sign up to their higher-level packages.


Always password protect your smart phone and block it after each time you use the smart phone. Try and install a location app on your smart phone, so if you lose the device you could possibly track where it is. Always perform regular backups of your phone, ideally every week, so that if you do lose your phone, you know you can buy another one quickly and install everything you have on your old phone, with no loss of data.

Smart phones have become those essential devices that we carry around everywhere with us, which are equal to minicomputers. Therefore, we need to keep them maintained like a computer, so put in place backups, security and look after your phone well, which should return you with years of happy useage.

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