5 Minute Guide To Instagram For Beginners


You may have noticed how many marketers today are using images when taking part in social media marketing. They do this because photos help sell products, as everyone knows. After all, who today would buy something like outdoor lighting online if they never saw a photo of the lights? You may be surprised to learn that you can use the popular photo-sharing site Instagram to help market your products.

Over the past few years, a growing number of companies have begun using Instagram as it’s provided a great way for brands to send out quick messages and photos to their targeted audience. In the beginning, Instagram was simply a way to post photos to share with friends and didn’t offer much marketing value at all. Things have changed however as the platform is now being used to reach people in how they prefer being reached which is with photos and short messages. Here is how you can use Instagram to market your product line which for example’s sake, we’ll say is outdoor lighting.

Use Instagram to Showcase Your Products

Instagram images can provide your followers with a lot of insight into your company and what your brand’s personality is all about. You can use this platform to not only share photos of the products you sell but also share images of your employees, your store or a host of other things. And, because Instagram can now be accessed from your office or home computer’s browser as well as from mobile devices, you can engage with your followers whenever you please from the convenience of your home or office PC.

Offer Your Followers Some Rewards

When you post a photo of your outdoor lighting on Instagram, come up with a way to grab the attention of your audience. A great idea is to run a promo wherein you ask your followers to suggest a name for your newest product or ask them to suggest a unique way to use the product. The winner could receive a hefty discount on the product of his or her choice or you could give them a cash prize.

Launch Instagram-Only Offers and Promo Codes

A clever way to make your Instagram followers feel special is to provide them with exclusive offers and promos. By using hashtags, you can entice your followers to share your offer or special promo code on their own feeds. When you make the experience all about the customer, you’re bound to create a stir so come up with something clever that will entice your followers to participate.

Make Your Customers Stars

Everyone enjoys seeing a friendly, smiling face on social media when looking at a business page. Remember that your customers are your greatest assets and are the ideal people to tell your story from the perspective of a non-employee. Why not ask a couple of your loyal customers to review a few of your products? You can also use Instagram to take a quick photo of a customer showcasing a sneak peek into what it’s like to interact with your brand. Many big brands are doing this on Instagram by frequently posting photos of surprise gifts they’ve doled out to their customers. Every time you post a photo on Instagram, try to come up with a clever way to showcase your brand while putting your customers’ experience in the spotlight.

[author ]Jeff Green loves gardening and landscapig. He found out that social media is a very powverful channel to showcase Scottsdale outdoor lighting. Pinterest and Instagram are two most popular sites to share images.[/author]

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