3 top photo editing and sharing apps for Android


Who doesn’t like posting photos? It’s fun when you’re at a special event with family and/or friends. Photo albums are a lovely means of sharing special memories with the people close to you.

Beyond the social sphere, photos can play a major role in the development of a successful blog. These days, it’s pretty much common knowledge that the webpages receiving the most attention from search engines are those with high quality content. Interesting and original images are essential. Numerous apps are available that enable users to take, edit and share photos. The question is: how do you decide which to run with? Here, we take a look at PicsArt: Photo Studio, Picsay Pro and Pixlr-o-matic.

 PicsArt: Photo Studio


PicsArt combines a photo editor with a sharing facility, which means that users can become part of an online photo/art community. Available free of charge, it includes an array of useful features. Firstly, there’s a camera. Secondly, the editor function includes numerous tools for touching up and altering photos. Think borders, frames, collages, cropping, adding vibrant effects to text, imposing clipart and so on. If a little magic is what gets your creative mood going, then you can have fun with Lomo, Orton, sketching, stencilling, splashing colour, fixing up your (or your friends’) faces and pretty much whatever else your imagination can conjure up! Arty types might be keen to try out the draw function, which means users can turn their photos into artistic masterpieces, by applying brush, callouts, pencil effects and more.

For those who are into sharing and caring, PicsArt enables the spreading of photos through social networks, email and SMS, plus there’s a live wallpaper function.

Users’ Feedback

Most users express excitement at PicsArt’s tremendous diversity and incredible range of features. They are particularly impressed that a free app can provide so many different and fun-to-use functions. For users who enjoy showing their photos and artwork to friends, family and colleagues, the ease with which PicsArt enables sharing is a major draw card. Some opt to join the PicsArt social network, as it gives them the opportunity to meet other keen photographers and artists. Negative feedback includes complaints about advertising – there is no free version, so users have to put up with commercials. Some have also discovered operating problems on particular devices. Others find that the excessive number of functions makes PicsArt difficult to navigate.


The best aspect of PicsArt is its mind-blowingly diverse array of useful functions. It’s difficult to imagine a more comprehensive app. PicsArt enables users to take photos, edit, draw, create magic effects and share their images easily, through social networks, email and via SMS. What’s more, it’s totally free!


There’s no paid version of PicsArt available, which means that users have to put up with advertising. Also, finding your way around the program can take time and effort, as there are just so many features. For people who only need a simple photo editing app, it might prove too complex.

Picsay Pro


This Android app is an easy-to-use photo editor, which is available for purchase via Google Play or Amazon for $3.99. It includes several features that enable users to edit photos on the run.

A range of standard editing options is available, including colour correction, sharpening, red-eye removal, cropping and super-imposing. For those looking for some fun, Picsay Pro offers scope to personalize pictures. Users can ornament photographed faces with various word balloons and titles, in which they can type dialogue and/or messages. Stickers are available, too. Think hairy beards, oversized glasses, crazy hair, bright red hearts, retro flowers, laser swords and more.

Picsay Pro offers support for Android tablets, including Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Zoom. Also, with certain devices, such as the HTC Jetstream, pressure-sensitive drawing with a pen is supported.

Users’ Feedback

Most users are impressed with how many features are available on Picsay Pro, particularly given that the app can be downloaded onto a phone. A few photographers have complained that its editing capacity is not sufficiently sophisticated. However, others are so pleased that they’ve made comparisons to Photoshop. The fact that Picsay Pro can be customized to meet the user’s needs and interests has received significant praise, and most users have stated that its interface is extremely easy to use. The majority of users find that it operates efficiently and fluently on a range of devices.

Some users have expressed a wish that the repertoire of stickers and similar items be updated and diversified. Others have stated their disappointment that Picsay Pro is unable to handle high-resolution images on certain devices and therefore compresses their photos.


Picsay Pro is easy to use. Even toddlers can get arty with it! For an app that fits on a phone, it includes a wide range of features, which can be customized according to the user’s needs and interests. Picsay Pro functions well in most contexts. Not many running difficulties or major flaws have been reported.


Picsay Pro’s repertoire of stickers and similar items is more limited than that of competitors. Some photographers have complained that its editing options are too simple to allow for sophisticated work. Also, the app’s tendency to compress photos frustrates some users. It does not have the capacity to deal with large photos on small devices.



 Pixlr-o-matic is a photo editor that enables users to give their photos a vintage look. It offers over 5 million ways of transforming photos, achieved through choosing from over 100 effects, 280 overlays and nearly 200 frames, most of which create a retro impression. In 2011, 148apps.com saw this app receive the “Best App Ever” award for Best Photo Editing App on Android.

If you are operating Pixlr-o-matic via a device that has photo-taking capacity, you can take a photo and start prettying it up immediately. Otherwise, you can choose to work with an image from an established gallery. You can decide to custom design your overlay, lighting effects and border, or, if the surprise element keeps you interested, the app will randomly select a trio on request.

It is possible to share an altered photo straight away, via Facebook or imm.io, or send it back to its original gallery.

Users’ Feedback

 Overall, Pixlr-o-matic has received positive reviews. Users commend it for its ease-of-use and they enjoy the fact that, even though it’s available for free, it doesn’t feature any annoying advertising. The diverse range of effects receives much praise – some users have even described it as ‘addictive’!

On the down side, some reviewers have complained that the crop option is not as flexible to use as they’d like. They have reported trouble with overlaying effectively. Others have felt that the app’s capacity is is a bit limited – users are unable to adjust elements such as colour and brightness, or choose to fade and/or blend images.


Pixlr-o-matic’s interface is accessible and simple to use. The app features an impressive range of effects options. The random option is a fun addition. It is possible to share photos easily, via Facebook and imm.io. Also, even though Pixlr-o-matic is free, users do not have to put up with commercials.


The crop option is inflexible. Even though the available effects work well, some users might find them a little limited. It is not possible to blend, fade, or adjust colour and brightness. Also, the social networks to which the photos can be uploaded include only Facebook and imm.io, not Twitter.

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