Microsoft’s New Nokia Ad Slams iPhone And Samsung Fanboys

First it was Samsung who went after Appple with its campaign poking fun at Apple fanboys. Now Microsoft  has joined the bandwagon by slamming both iPhone and Samsung in its new ad for the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows phone.

The ad courtesy of from Crispin Porter + Bogusky and director Roman Coppola, takes place at a wedding, where half the crowd has iPhones and half has Galaxies. The bickering starts after an Apple fanboy asks a Galaxy user to stop blocking the view with his “enormous phone” (before asking Siri to search “one trick pony”), and soon escalates into a nasty brawl.

A couple of attractive caterers, meanwhile, don’t see what all the fuss is about. Can’t we all just get along, and agree to buy Windows Phones? The premise of the spot is that everyone would get along if only they switched to a Lumia whose sale has increased by 27% this quarter.

Nokia had a milder anti-Apple ad last year, but this takes things to the next level.

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