Keep Your Gadgets Safe When Having fun in the sun

Summer’s coming and that means we’re going to be spending more time by the water. And since we can’t be away from our gadgets for too long, we need to make sure that they’re protected from the elements.


I am not really into extreme sports, but I like trying new things once and awhile. The past year I took a few courses in diving and wished I had a waterproof case for my iPhone because the pictures would have been phenomenal. Well, this year I know better. LifeProof has a waterproof case for your iPhone that will allow you to take pictures underwater because of its waterproof, shock-proof, and dirt-proof casing. You won’t have to worry about ruining your treasured gadget and capture some really great memories along the way.

Whether you take it diving or would rather just have your music when you’re in the shower, the LifeProof Waterproof case is one of the best accessories to make it happen. You can even attach waterproof headphones with the Lifeproof waterproof headphone adaptors and you will be able to have your music with you above AND below the water. How cool is that?

The LifeProof cases come in a variety of colors, but I’ve been a fan of the pink version. You can pick your favorite and stand out from the rest of the crowd. But you’ll be safe knowing that no matter the conditions outside, your phone will be safe!

Emily MacLeod is the Community Manager at Pure and in her free time she enjoys folk music, reading history and telling stories, and non-verbal communication with animals. She’s a little quirky.  You can follow her on Twitter @PureMobileEmily

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