Google kills off the Meebo bar


It seems the Google axe has fallen on yet another application shortening its lifespan considerably.

Barely a year after Google acquired the popular Meebo bar, the team announced that it would be discontinuing the social media and sharing bar on June 6th so as to focus more on Google+ products.

In a notice on its website, Meebo says that while its mission is still to bring “community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites”, it intends to focus its resources on Google+ plugins

The sharing tool will stop loading in early June although analytics will be accessible until the end of the month. Meebo had more than 100-million monthly users before the acquisition. A number of its other tools were shuttered after the purchase by Google. The bar remained, although it received a revamp late last year to include Google+ sharing options.

At the time of the acquisition, there was a lot of speculation about whether Google would use some of Meebo’s techniques to monetise Google+. That doesn’t seem to have happened, although Google has been introducing a number of new ways to use Google+ recently, including interactive posts and the sign in option, which is designed to boost engagement and app installs.

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